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Symsights is a digital health organization. It uses digital technologies to aid with medical needs and to create mobile solutions for remote patient monitoring. These solutions provide enhanced access to healthcare and improved patient outcomes. Symsights' mission is to use digital tools to drive health innovation and improve healthcare delivery.




PHP (Symfony), Angular


Consulting, Design, 
Development & Support

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  • Looking for a solution that allows users to capture their disease symptoms, side effects of therapy and function via smartphone
  • Need for a Cloud-based storage and web portal
  • Decreased time to create a product
  • Development of an app for both Android and iOS systems
  • Long term partnership for remote patients monitoring


  • Long-term partnership to develop digital solution for remote patients monitoring
  • Goal of the MVP project was to develop an app that can be run on Android and iOS systems, a cloud-based storage, and a web portal
  • App should allow users to capture their disease symptoms, side effects of therapy, and function through a series of tasks that can be performed using a smartphone


The result of the collaboration is a functional MVP of the remote patient monitoring solution (app for patients and a web portal for the care team). All initially planned functionalities were developed according to specifications, including disease-specific questionnaires, two tests for patient’s functional assessment, and study-specific task scheduling. The developed MVP will be used for proof of concept projects with hospitals and pharma companies.

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