Whether it's helping you choose and maintain cloud infrastructure, ensuring regular maintenance and service compliance, A/B testing or upgrading your existing software - we take care of it so you don't have to.

How We Work



When it comes to support, your toolbox is our toolbox. Whatever technologies you are using or need help improving, we'll take them on and help you make the best of it.


Tech support meets business support

Sometimes support means monitoring and regular software maintenance, but sometimes the task is infinitely more diverse. From analyzing your data, A/B testing, finding the right technological solutions for your business or helping you make the best data-driven decisions, we've got your back.


agile development from concept to product

All our projects are carried out using agile methodology and SCRUM framework. This ensures frequent iterations and regular testing, resulting in a more smooth development with little room for error. It also means that our clients can see progress on a regular basis and provide feedback every step of the way. Did we mention that this approach also reduces both time and cost of the development process?

Service Modules


Whether it's applications or your company's data, everything is transfering to cloud. We can help you choose the infrastructure that best caters to your needs, as well as deploy and run everything you need on popular technology providers, like AWS or Azure.


Providing a digital service or a product is a long-term commitment, and your obligations are defined through the Service level agreement. We'll help you meet and maintain the requirements specified there, as well as ensure system continuity.


Collecting the data is one thing, utilizing it is quite another. It's our job to help you make sense of the data, run A/B testing and implement meaningful upgrades based on the findings.


We track, analyse and monitor users' in-app behaviour and provide tailored recommendations on how to evolve your digital product, to both increase customer satisfaction and drive value.

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