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Digital Transformation: "Understanding Tomorrow's Digital Products and Services"

3 minute read Dominik U.

Today, digital transformation is imperative for all businesses. However, do you know what exactly digital transformation stands for and what are its biggest challenges? Gain some insight into the phenomenon of digital transformation in the following post.

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Digitale Transformation: „Digitale Produkte und Services von Morgen verstehen“

Digital Product Properties and Their Growth Advantages

7 minute read Dominik U.

Digital products offer a multitude of opportunities to create added value for customers and increase sales. Are you aware of all the great opportunities that digitalization has to offer? Learn more about the most important features of digital products and services and how to use them!

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Digitale Produkteigenschaften und ihre Wachstumsvorteile

Best Practices in Software Development That We Use at UHP

6 minute read Tomislav P.

How do we manage to develop software solutions successfully and what best practices we use to accomplish that? In this article, we’re sharing those closely guarded secrets with everyone!

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Best Practices in der Softwareentwicklung bei UHP

How We Turned Our Goals Into Reality

4 minute read Dina R.

Have you ever compiled a list of resolutions and filled it with ideas but somehow failed to put them into practice? When we set out on the mission of rebranding, we compiled something similar...but we found a way to fulfill those resolutions! Wondering how that's possible? Find out how we turned our future goals into reality!

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Wie wir unsere Ziele verwirklichen konnten

Our Story - From a Team of 3 to a Growing Company

5 minute read Martina B.

What exactly do we do at UHP? Who makes it happen, how is it done? And, most importantly, why should you care? Read through our story and get to know the UHP world!

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Unsere Geschichte – von einem 3-köpfigen Team zu einem wachsenden Unternehmen

How to edit word document templates with PHP and convert it to PDF?

15 minute read Thomas H.

Would it not be great if you can just use the normal Word-documents to convert them to PDF by using PHP? Yes, it would - and this article explains you how to achieve that as we set up a service that converts word documents delivered by clients or other project stakeholders to PDF documents with PHP.

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Wie man Word-Dokumentvorlagen mit PHP bearbeitet und in PDF konvertiert

A Beautiful Symfony API Project Structure - Easy to Use, Maintain and Upgrade

18 minute read Domagoj P.

With the constant growth of the number of internet-connected devices, the requirements for Web APIs is on the rise more than ever. So much so that common web frameworks are often being repurposed to serve as platforms for Rest API development. In this document we'll attempt to answer a question that is as old as development itself – how to properly structure a project?

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Eine ideale Symfony-API-Projektstruktur – einfach zu nutzen, zu warten und zu erweitern

ASIN to EAN Converter PHP (Amazon ASIN2EAN)

4 minute read Thomas H.

Several of our customers have a shop on Amazon or Ebay. Usually, products on these platforms have their own identifiers in the respective system. It is quite often necessary to convert this Amazon based identifier (ASIN) to a global identifier such as EAN (European Article Number or International Article Number). There are several tools out there providing the necessary function to convert a given ASIN to an EAN. Find more about them below!

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ASIN-zu-EAN-Konverter PHP (Amazon ASIN2EAN)