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The importance of Digital Transformation for All Businesses

7 minute read Dominik U.

Despite its global impact, the Corona crisis has also highlighted the importance of digital transformation. Has this crisis accelerated the process of digitalization and how has Germany mastered this transformation process so far? Why is it important to think about innovation in the long term and not just during a crisis? You can find answers to these questions in our new blog post.

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Die Wichtigkeit der digitalen Transformation für alle Unternehmen

How to Implement Sign in With Apple Authentication in Symfony

16 minute read Ivan H.

Need help with implementing Apple's recent Sign in with Apple feature? Our devs have prepared step-by-step instructions on how to do it. If you want to know more about this new feature and pick up a new skill, go through our new blog post.

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Wie man „Sign in With Apple“ Authentication in Symfony implementiert

The Discovery Workshop Process at UHP

10 minute read Dino L.

If you're wondering how to kickstart your project idea without breaking the bank, check how you can do this by taking part in a discovery workshop with us. Find out more about how we tailor each workshop to fit your needs and why the workshop is a must in our new blog post!

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Discovery Workshop Prozess bei UHP

Building an MVP First: The Top Benefits of the Minimum Approach

8 minute read Dominik U.

You have a great idea for a digital product, but are not completely sure if it would be successful in the market? Good news - there is a quick and non-costly way to find out the answer to that question and it's called an MVP - read how you can benefit from the minimum approach in the new blog post!

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Der MVP-First Ansatz: Die Vorteile der Minimum Viable Product Entwicklung

How to Choose the Right Software House for Your Project

7 minute read Martina B.

Do you know what the connection between rugby and your future software house is? Or how to be sure that you are choosing the right software house for the development of your software? Can you be sure at all? Read our guide to find out the answers. P.S. step #6 is usually neglected, but it is so important!

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Wie Sie das richtige Softwarehaus für Ihr Projekt auswählen

Croatia as an IT Heaven

5 minute read Martina B.

What does Nikola Tesla has to do with Porsche and Bugatti? And what is UHP's connection with them? Find out what we all have in common in the following blog post.

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Kroatien als IT-Himmel

Changing Your Software Development Vendor: The Ultimate Step-by-step Guide

10 minute read Martina B.

Is it time to part ways with your current vendor? For a good partnership with your software development vendor, both sides should always put considerable effort into maintaining it. But what if it just isn’t working out? Be it underperformance, lack of effort, change in the way your vendor does business, or the billing of unnecessary features, letting go is always a far better option than developing a Stockholm syndrome with your vendor and risking the progress of your software.

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Wie man den Dienstleister für Softwareentwicklung wechselt: Die ultimative Schritt-für-Schritt-Anleitung

An All-You-Need-To-Know Guide About Discovery Workshops

8 minute read Martina B.

If we were to name a service every IT agency should offer, we would definitely go with Discovery workshops. Have you heard of them or took part in one? Check why they are so important for you when it comes to developing a digital solution!

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Ein umfassender Leitfaden über Discovery-Workshops