Nearshoring Teams
for your Software project

Do you have a project but need a helping hand with design and development? A full development team or a team extension could be just what you need to make the project scalable and successful.

How it works

Our power team of industry experts, consisting of skilled designers and developers, can lead or accelerate your project. We offer three different types of nearshoring collaboration, each tailored to your different needs - project-based, dedicated teams or expert sourcing. European-based teams ensure a fast and smooth integration into your team. With a reliable and proven process, your project can start in a few steps and in the shortest possible time.
Customer vision
Team selection
Project start

Nearshoring - when and why

Nearshoring collaboration allows you to get a production team that works exclusively for you, 100% of the time. Our teams become an extension of your internal team, as a development department or an extension of the existing team.


  • Shortage of high-quality talent
  • High recruitment cost, lack of time and resources
  • Lack of needed expertise in the existing teams
  • Short project deadline


  • Trained and experienced industry experts
  • No lengthy selection processes or recruitment costs
  • Specialized knowledge available for your specific needs
  • Shortened delivery times
  •  Clear roadmap and technical feasibility

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