The first step of developing any new digital product with the purpose of defining project goals, features, target audience, budgets and timeline, minimizing cost and potential risks.

Project concept

Before we start developing your digital product, we need to understand all aspects of the project in order to deliver the desired solution. This is done through a 2-step process where we set the right foundations for our future collaboration. We start by getting a deeper understanding about your business idea and the technical requirements through a free Team call. Then second step is the workshop, a few days of focused work resulting in a detailed blueprint of the whole project, significantly benefiting your future product.
Client vision
Free Team call
Project start

Free Team call

This Free consultation is a short but very effective call with our design, project management and technology experts. With no investment but 1 hour of your time this approach provides you with project validation, deeper input from our end and a ballpark price estimate.


  • Quick kick-off
  • No investment needed
  • UHP Experts in a nutshell
  • Project idea validation
  • High quality ballpark estimate


  • Meeting minutes and summary
  • Miro online collaborative whiteboard
  • Ballpark project estimate
  • Next steps plan

Discovery workshops

The Discovery workshop is an essential part of our process, custom tailored for your specific project. The results are tangible deliverables, subsequently used for the project setup and product production.


  • Improved and upgraded overall product idea
  • Decreased general production costs
  • Decreased time for product creation
  • Minimized chance for problems during production
  • A fleshed-out production plan


  • Clearly defined goals and business expectations
  • Target users and preferences overview
  • Customer journey and user behavior overview
  • Defined design process
  • MVP scope, roadmap and tech feasibility

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