Augmented and virtual reality, IOT, artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies. Let's find out what makes sense for you and how we can integrate them with your existing solutions.

How We Work

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For AR and VR we use Unity 3D, Unreal engine (UE4), SketchUp, ThreeJS and A-Frame, a comprehensive stack making digital realities come to life. When it comes to IoT, our toolbox depends on the hardware and firmware used to make connected solutions, since there is never a one-size-fits-all solution.


Tailored advanced solutions

There are no template solutions when it comes to innovation so we approach each of your requests and business cases individually. We start of by building a proof of concept to ensure feasibility, analyze the results, improve and expand the project scope. After making sure everything runs smoothly, we roll out your new solution on a larger scale.


agile development from concept to product

All our projects are carried out using agile methodology and SCRUM framework. This ensures frequent iterations and regular testing, resulting in a more smooth development with little room for error. It also means that our clients can see progress on a regular basis and provide feedback every step of the way. Did we mention that this approach also reduces both time and cost of the development process?

Areas of Innovation


Remote maintenance, Industry 4.0, smart homes and smart cities, future mobility and e-health are just some of the areas where IoT really shines. With different sensors and IoT development platforms widely available, there is little that we can't do.


Digital realities are increasingly used in education and training, tourism, marketing and other industries. With the rise of low cost VR gadgets and AR capabilities of our own smartphones, these solutions are more applicable than ever.


Machine learning is one of the fastest developing fields of computer science, but also a highly applicable technology. The complex algorithms behind it allow us to automate repeating tasks, analyze large amount of written data through natural language processing or create practical solutions like chatbots.

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