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A completely new website including implementation of a live ticker with integration into various external systems like live TV broadcasts and real time video screens.
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About the project

The TTBL bundles, organises and represents the common interests of the clubs of the German Table Tennis League. They are dedicated to the constant development of professional table tennis in Germany and want to ensure and enhance the status of the German Bundesliga as the best national league in Europe.


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Initial situation

Over time, the old WordPress website had grown into a solution that could only be maintained and improved with great effort. The implementation of additional scalable digital offers would have been very complex.
Therefore, the TTBL was looking for a partner who could implement a future-proof and scalable new website including the planned new digital offers and at the same time have a sound background knowledge of table tennis and the German Table Tennis League with its special characteristics.


The new website of the German Table Tennis League is a completely individually developed solution, which was implemented as a web application. It combines all digital offers of the TTBL in a stable solution, which works reliably even under peak loads, such as those caused by the live ticker during matches. At the same time it ensures easy maintainability and expandability in the future.
We have also developed a tablet application for the live ticker. It allows the current scores to be easily transmitted directly from the edge of the field. The live ticker is with numerous integrations not only available on the TTBL website, but also, on live TV, for example.
The data from the live ticker serves as the basis for the automatic calculation and real-time updating of the player rankings and is used to calculate the donations in the "Glückskinder" social project.


With these innovative services, the German Table Tennis Bundesliga is no longer only positioning itself as one of the best leagues in Europe in sporting terms, but also digitally. They represent a part of the core of the client's strategy, which aims to develop professional table tennis in Germany further.
The clubs have been given an instrument to better market themselves digitally, address new target groups and generate attention for the sport.


Live ticker

The developed Live Ticker allows through its stability to keep all table tennis fans up to date about the current scores. At the same time, the Tablet App developed for this purpose helps providing the current match data from the court.

Live ticker

Live ticker integration

The Live Ticker is not only displayed on the TTBL website, but can be integrated into many other systems thanks to interfaces. Currently, the live data is also used in live TV broadcasts of the matches and on video screens in the arenas.

Live ticker integration

Social project "Glückskinder"

Donations for children are collected in the social project "Glückskinder" with the help of a third party integration. Information from the live ticker are used to automatically calculate the value of scored "lucky balls" (net and edge balls) from the total amount donated.


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“We are proud that with UHP we have a very innovative, reliable and highly professional service partner at our side in the area of web and mobile solutions. After UHP has already successfully implemented many important digital projects for us in the first year of our cooperation, we are looking forward to working with them on the long-term further development and optimization of the digital services of the Bundesliga table tennis league. MANY THANKS - you are a great team!"

Nico Stehle Tischtennis Bundesliga

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