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CSL Meet

Event system designed for handling and organizing all medical congresses and conferences organized by CSL Behring, integrating into the company's application landscape.
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CSL Meet

About the project

CSL Behring is a leading global biotech company driven by its promise to save and improve lives.


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Healthcare & pharmaceuticals

Initial situation

CSL Behring participates in about 400 medical congresses and conferences in Austria each year. In the past, these events have been managed, that means prepared, executed and evaluated by using an Excel tool.
Besides the high maintenance effort of these documents, this results in version conflicts and redundant files with different editing status.
This makes the internal team communication more complicated, as well as the event evaluation and reporting to management.
The goal was to create a consistent and efficient event management process based on an individual software solution.


The web-based solution developed is perfectly tailored to the individual organizational processes of CSL Behring. It maps the complete event management processes within one system. The events are completely managed in this system - from initial planning and preparation, including the invitation of participants and administration of participating employees, to on-site execution and follow-up with reporting to the management.
New functions such as to-do planning, an integrated reminder function and PDF templates structure the processes more efficiently. File and version conflicts are a thing of the past.
All employees access the system and are always at the same level of information due to the central data storage. This creates an additional structure of processes and functions.


With the introduction of this tailor-made solution, the daily work of the employees has been significantly simplified and made more efficient.
The optimized processes and the consistent database of the employees ensure better internal communication and less error-proneness.
This also increases the satisfaction of the employees in their daily work.


Event Management in one single system

The entire event management of medical congresses and conferences can be carried out in this solution. This central data storage in a single tool ensures optimized processes and less susceptibility to errors.

Event Management in one single system

Interactive features

In this individual solution, numerous features were implemented to support the employees in their daily work. For example, the administration of to-do's and reminders or the creation of e-mails and PDF files based on design-compliant templates.

Interactive features

Integrated reporting

Subsequently, the data and results from the individual events can be analyzed. The export into different formats allows us to create individual internal reports and to share them directly with the management.

Integrated reporting

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