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Our experts help translate your business challenge into digital solutions through ideation, concept creation, scoping, UX design and product audit.

How We Work


Our main tool in consulting is our combined technological and business know-how. It’s not enough to know if and how something can be built, but also if it can be done within your budget and timeframe and whether it makes the most business sense for your use case.

Concepts that bring return on your investment

Everyone can create a concept – the question is, whether that concept is viable and if you’re going to be able to capitalize on your investment into a digital product. We’re here to help you look at your idea from every angle and help you mould it into something that creates long-term value.

agile development from concept to product

All our projects are carried out using agile methodology and SCRUM framework. This ensures frequent iterations and regular testing, resulting in a more smooth development with little room for error. It also means that our clients can see progress on a regular basis and provide feedback every step of the way. Did we mention that this approach also reduces both time and cost of the development process?

Service Modules


Translating your vision into a digital product idea is a creative process, followed by a highly empirical one – idea validation with existing or potential customers, carried out through interviews, questionnaires and user testing.


After validating the idea, it is time to turn it into a viable concept and technical specifications. This is done much the same way as when validating ideas, but with focus on technologies and technological requirements of the undertaking.


Determining the scope of the project is one of the most complex tasks. To make sure we get the most accurate assessment, we base it on detailed epics and user stories that we create at this stage of the process.


Once the scope is defined, it’s time to turn user stories into wireframes, which show you the exact flow of the application or digital product we’re about to develop for you. Here we also create design guidelines, so you have a clear sense of the visual identity of the product.


Whether it’s a product we had built or one that you already have in your portfolio, we can review it to see how it can be improved or upgraded. This is done through both code review, to scan for technical shortcomings, or by surveying data to see users’ expectations.

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