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We are always on the lookout for people who share our values and business goals: professional dedication, eagerness to learn, evolve and make amazing new projects happen.

Open Positions

Mid Backend Java Developer (M/D/F)

When you hear 'java', a cup of coffee is the second thing that comes to your mind.

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Mid Backend Python Developer (M/D/F)

Diverse usage Python enables, from web and game development to machine learning and AI, simply resonates with you.

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Mid Android Developer (M/D/F)

Join us and develop apps that run on 88% of smartphones sold in the world.

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Perks & Benefits

Flexible working hours

We start work from 8AM to 10AM. Get in early, sleep in or start your work day any time inbetween that suits your habits.

home office day

We believe that people work best together, but that doesn't mean you can't have a work-from-home day when you need one.


We have offices in both Zagreb and Osijek, so you can pick which location works best for you - maybe even move between them.


You have a set budget for your equipment - do with it as you please. Choose the operating system, brand, type of device you feel best working on.


Sound body, sound mind, right? That's why we have your regular check-ups and gym membership covered.


Don't waste your time driving around in the rush hour, looking for a place to park. There's a spot waiting for you.

Need More Convincing?


We have an amazing team that's always happy to help, but you also get a dedicated buddy-mentor to help you with onboarding.

Learning opportunities

Whether it's mentors and platform owners who help you hone your skills or conferences to pick up new trends, we'll support your eagerness to learn.


"Flexible working hours" doesn't mean that they extend past your standard 8 hour work day - we respect your time.

24 + 1 vacation days

Everyone gets the minimum of 24 vacation days, and one extra on the house - a free day for your birthday, to spend as you please.

Latest technology

Each project is a new challenge and we make sure to keep ourselves on our tiptoes, always using the latest technology to make it stand out.

Pet-friendly office

Bring your furry friend, companion or service animal to work - we have plenty of space and animal lovers around the office.

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